Glass doors are like furniture to us at Thompson's Hearth & Home. We carry some of the most customizable doors the industry has to offer. Your options are endless. We can even have doors built to accommodate a corner fireplace! All of our doors are custom built here in the USA to your exact specifications, and are made to last forever. All of our doors are designed without a track system, allowing the doors to open all the way. 

Don't want doors?

Did you know that when you have gas logs you are required by WA State energy code to have either glass doors or an electronic flue damper? If you are looking for glass doors just to meet this code and doors are going to compromise the look then take a look at the electronic flue damper made by Flue Sentinel. This option will allow you to meet the same code without doors - we carry several different shapes and sizes to fit most applications. 

Heres how it works. When you turn the gas logs on the signal travels to the Flue Sentinel that sits on top  of the chimney telling the damper to open. Once the damper is fully open the signal travels back down to the gas control valve allowing the logs to come on. When the logs are turned off the damper closes 60 seconds later allowing the combustion exhaust to clear the flue. Another nice feature about this vs doors is you never have to get up to open the glass doors during operation and you don't need to get up again to close the doors when done using the gas logs. In case you did not know, gas logs cannot be used with the doors closed. Doing so will void all warranties and damage burners, logs and if equip, the control valve. You can watch a demonstration video of our showroom model here: Flue Sentinel Video