Thompsons Hearth and Home in Issaquah carries a small selection of high-quality gas stoves by the best manufacturers. 

Gas stoves are designed to heat a room or a whole house using either Natural gas or Propane. These stoves are clean burning, easy to use and a very efficient source of heat for your entire home.

Another great advantage for homes in the Northwest is that our gas stoves will heat your home even when the power is out! All of our gas stoves can operate without electricity. This means that all the switches and controls that turn the insert on or off, up or down do not use house current, and function very well during power outages.

Every gas stove we sell is "furnace rated" and operates at high efficiency levels. As a result, they will often heat an area as effectively as a wood Stove. Heat is determined by several variables such as BTU's, efficiency, and the materials used in the manufacturing of the stove.