Gas Fireplaces are a great alternative to wood, they offer the convenience of the flip of a switch with the ability to be controlled by a thermostat. Our gas fireplaces have come a long way in the past few years to the point of looking like a real wood fire. Designed to be built into a home's structure you can use a gas fireplace when either building a new home or remodeling one.

Another great advantage for homes in the Northwest is that our gas fireplaces will heat your home even when the power is out! All of our gas fireplaces will operate in a power outage. This means that all the switches and controls that turn the insert on or off, up or down do not use house current, and function very well during power outages. 

Something that separates Thompson's apart is our extensive knowledge in using computer controlled dampers and fans that allow us to have open gas fireplaces with no glass doors. We are able to run venting in very creative ways including out walls which is typically only done with Direct Vent fireplaces.

Looking for a certified fireplace store? We are not only licensed, bonded and insured, we are also one of the only NFI (National Fireplace Institute) certified store in the area. NFI is the only recognized certification program in the US.