Thompson's Hearth and Home in Issaquah carries a large selection of wood stove inserts by some of the best manufacturers in the world.

There's no other home furnishing quite like a wood stove, as no flame that can equal the authentic glow of a wood-burning fire. 

We carry only the highest quality stoves with distinctive style, beauty and unmatched heat output and efficiency. Our wood stoves have consistently earned recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their efficient use of wood as a natural resource and for their low emissions. 

Inserts provide a popular and efficient alternative for masonry or factory built fireplaces. Many of our wood inserts have been specially engineered to fit into your current fireplace. This allows you to use your hearth as a whole house heat source, cutting home heating costs. 

Natures Cycle

Wood has quite a special property when talking about CO2. As the tree grows, it absorbs and locks in enormous amounts of carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis process. Precisely the same amount of CO2 is released into the atmosphere, when the tree is felled and burnt. If burning-off takes place efficiently, the count adjusts downwardly, so we can say that wood is CO2-neutral and therefore a green energy source. 

Not only that, wood - unlike e.g. oil, coal or gas - can be reproduced by planting new trees to replace those cut down. The neutral CO2-cycle can therefore be maintained. Generation after generation.